The Secret to Finding the Best Face Serum for Aging Skin

Wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin and age spots seem to appear out of nowhere. One day you feel young, vibrant and confident in your skin. The next? You look in the mirror and notice the crow’s feet creeping in, the brackets around your mouth deepening, and that you’ve lost your once youthful glow.

George Sadowski MD creator of Nourishing Biologicals, has had decades of experience treating patients and understands these issues.

He says “Most people don’t recognize they’re aging until they hit about 30-35, depending on their sunlight or chemical exposure”. Luckily, there is a solution…

Healthcare experts and skincare professionals agree that hands-down, the most effective product you can use to combat the aging process and help your skin look more youthful is a high-quality face serum. But with so many brands and varieties on the market, each claiming to provide “incredible results,” how can you determine which products actually work and are safe for your skin? And moreover, what should you look for in a faceserum?

Here are a few key ways to narrow your search and choose the best facel serum for aging skin.

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Look at the Creator of the Brand, Their Philosophy & Mission

The skincare field is filled with celebrities and skincare companies, launching and promoting new brands just to make a buck. But it’s rare to find a brand that has a founder with a medical background, proven experience, and a long history of performing the research necessary to create truly effective skincare products.

Nourishing Biologicals is one of those few, founded by well-respected surgeon Dr. Sadowski. He saw first-hand the toll that devastating skin damage can have on his patients’ confidence during his 30 years of practice and stepped in, determined to make a difference.

Together with Grace Latuberza, a medical research aesthetician with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Sadowski has made it Nourishing Biologicals’ mission to solve skin aging where it begins…at the cellular level.

A Good Facial Serum Is Backed by Research

A facial serum can be a powerful ally in your skincare regimen. As a light-weight moisturizer, it penetrates the skin to not only prevent further damage but to reverse signs of premature aging. But those serums that typically have the biggest impact present research and a proven track record to back up their claims.

Too many companies create scientifically sounding sound formulas extolling their high-quality and benefits for your skin, like zinc and Vitamin C for example. The problem is that they never actually study how they work for real people, or worse, they sell the same formulation to a hundred other companies under a new name.

How to find the best facial serum for aging skin

Instead, look for brands that have invested in their research and participate in clinical testing to substantiate their claims so that you can rely on their results. Dr. Sadowski’s motivation was to create a fact-backed serum.

His promise? “We didn’t try anything that wasn’t backed up by science,” he said. In fact, clinical testing of Nourishing Biologicals’ serum resulted in immediate skin hydration with continued improvement over 12 weeks in 100% of participants and increased skin’s firmness and skin tone in over 90 percent of human subjects.

If the serum you’re using doesn’t provide the data, you probably need to try one that does.

Consider Molecular Size & Receptors

  • When searching for the best facial serum for aging skin, you may come across information about the molecular size of the serum. In high end skincare products, the ‘Dalton” size is a major factor in the serum’s penetration level and therefore its effect. If the molecules in the serum are smaller than 500 Daltons, they have the ability to deeply penetrate your skin and deliver the particular nutrient, peptide or growth factor, resulting in effective and visible results. However, anytime the ingredients are larger than this, they can’t reach those deeper skin layers unless there is a specific receptor tuned into that molecule.
  • Unfortunately, many companies are not aware or ignore this research, creating formulations with ingredients that do nothing but stay on the surface of your skin. That’s like trying to paint over a dented car. It may look slightly better, but you aren’t repairing the problem.
  • Look instead for a serum that is proven to penetrate the surface of the skin for the most effective in anti-aging science.
How to Identify Quality Over Quantity

How to Identify Quality Over Quantity

Facial serums should be highly-concentrated and contain multiple powerful ingredients that show real results. When you’re searching for a facial serum, look for brands that include ingredients that aren’t just things you could pick up off a pharmacy shelf.

For example, many serums contain filler ingredients like grapeseed oil, mineral oil, Vitamin C and aloe – cheap ingredients that sound scientific without boosting the health of your skin. Instead, choose a formulation with cutting-edge, advanced ingredients like EGF and KGC growth factors, along with proprietary peptides that are proven to reverse the signs of aging and support the continuous natural shedding and regrowth process of your skin. Although the goal is to improve the look of the top layer of your skin, what happens below the surface is critical to the health and repair of aging skin.

    Always Look for Facial Serums that Prioritize Safety

    As serums are very concentrated, it’s crucial to choose a brand that provides a safety guarantee. Some brands warn that their facial serum can cause burning, irritation or redness, but if a product is well-formulated, there is no reason that you should have to face these risks.

    Choose a serum that has been tried and tested. Out of 100 participants in the Nourishing Biologicals clinical trial, there were zero sensitivities or irritations in our facial serum. That is the level of safety and efficacy that you should demand from your serum.