Keeping Your Hands Healthy

Tips From Dr. George

One thing everyone agrees on regarding the Coronavirus is that it doesn’t like hand washing. Armed with this information, you may find yourself at the sink more often than ever, or maybe you’re just dousing your extremities with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. These essential practices, in tandem with social distancing, go a long way in protecting families and communities from disease. But there is a cost. The currency? Your poor, dry hands.

Proper washing (20 seconds at a time) has the unfortunate side effect of removing the natural oils from your hands. This is not only uncomfortable, but ensuing cracks in your skin can offer germs an easy access point and lead to more serious problems. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to mitigate risk and soothe your skin at the same time. 

Use Warm Water

Intuition might tell you to crank the heat up as high as you can handle, but the CDC recommends washing your hands with warm, or even cold water. As it turns out, hot water is not more effective in removing germs, but it will absolutely increase the dryness of your hands over time. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Fragrances

When your hands are already crying out, it is important to avoid irritants like harsh chemicals and fragrances. These can cause inflammation, a burning sensation, and add to the dryness you want to avoid. You’re much better off using soaps and moisturizers with natural ingredients.

Dab Hands Dry, Don’t Wipe Them

You may not have thought much about your hand drying method before now, but these days it matters. When you’re washing your hands ten times more than usual, all that wiping increases skin irritation and contributes to dryness. Dabbing or blotting with the towel removes the rubbing action and helps you control the amount of moisture left over. This leads to our next tip…

Apply a Moisturizer

Instead of dabbing your hands totally dry, leave them slightly damp and immediately apply a moisturizer. This will seal that thin layer of water into the skin and protect your hands against further damage. Our Miracular Skin Essence is truly the ideal product for this step.

In the words of our founder Dr. George, Skin Essence “increases moisture within the skin by 35% in 15 minutes. This builds up with repeat applications, restoring a healthy glow to your hands. Its many natural ingredients return the nutrients the skin loses with exposure to external environment and aging. Avoid moisturizers with harmful or irritating ingredients and choose a hand cream with natural ingredients to protect your hands.” 

Add a Hand Mask

For some additional heavy-duty moisturizing, consider adding a hand mask to your bedtime routine. This does not have to be complicated and you might have the perfect ingredient in your cupboard right now… coconut oil. Apply a thick coat of oil over your hands, then cover them with cotton gloves and wait 20 minutes before rinsing. Make sure to follow each of the previous steps and rest easy knowing your Skin Essence is working for you all night long. 

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